Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Life: who am I? :)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

alhamdulillah at last, i have a mood and strength to make a post in this blog. this blog is tribute to MR HADI. my eglish lecturer in KUIS. in first post, i would like to just write who am I...:)

My cute name is SITI NUR SYAFIQAH BINTI YUSRI.im a oldest sister in my family. i born in 1990. so in this year, my age is 21. sweet 21...:)

i like another simple person, have a family, can lough and cry. its normal rite?:) I have a 6 sibling. 4 boy and 2 sister. in this family have a 9 person including my parent...:) i love my family and i hope one day i can make them proud with me and i can support all my sibling to futher study in higher level education.:)

my education is in islamic background. in years of 10, my parent was sent me to Keledang Pahang to enter a madrasah at there, and when my age in around 14 years old, i transfer to madrasah aliyah Negeri Sembilan. ini this level, i learn many book, n in a long journey in madrasah style, i have very instinct that i want to learn more in Arabic language.that a time i agree with my parent to  take a diploma in arabic language in KUIS.:)

it simple about me, but that is my journey? experience can make we more matured. that is for my angle of view. :)

thanks to all my classmate and Mr Had...:)

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